About Dr Michael Silverman

Dr Silverman’s views on clinical trial success have evolved from his many years of experience in a wide variety of drug development environments.

His initial pharmaceutical industry position, directing clinical trials at Sterling Winthrop Research Institute, provided a rich education in the multidisciplinary nature of new drug development, the planning and execution of clinical studies, and the world of FDA-regulated research.

Next, as a Deputy Therapeutic Area Head at Sandoz Research Institute,
Dr Silverman gained broader exposure to international development issues, market-oriented strategic planning, and the challenges of managing an R&D portfolio.

He then made a transition to the arena of biotechnology/small pharma start-up companies, heading Clinical Research at Telor and Biopure, and learning much about the exigencies of the development stage company environment, efficient program management, and working extensively with external partners and collaborators.

In 1997, Dr Silverman undertook another transition, this one to the field of management consulting, joining KPMG’s Pharmaceutical Strategy group. Through this experience, he came to appreciate the needs and expectations of clients.

All of these experiences have shaped his vision for BioStrategics Consulting Ltd as a high-quality, strategically-oriented clinical development consulting practice.

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