Simona CipraSr Director Clinical Operations, Eisai Pharmaceuticals (formerly MGI Pharma, INC.), Lexington, MA

“I had the pleasure of working with Michael on development of a clinical strategy for a novel biologic in the oncology arena, where Mike was the clinical lead. Michael brought rational clinical design skills to the project, in combination with a flexible, operationally feasible approach. Michael interacted with equal ease with leading global physicians, senior company management and cross-functional project team members. This level of flexibility, combined with Mike’s deep scientific knlowledge and excellent communication skills truly differentiates him as a senior clinical consultant.” December 27, 2010

Simon Wilkinson, CEO, Innate Therapeutics:

“Our company has retained Michael as an expert consultant to our drug development and clinical trialing activities since 2001. He is highly valued member of our ‘team’ and a consummate professional in all that he does for us. We particularly value his ability to work with a wide range of people, located in time zones across the globe, to help achieve the strategic outcomes that are important to us. Michael carries with him our strongest recommendation.” December 14, 2010

Pnina Fishman, CEO Can Fite BioPharma

“Mike has been a trusted and dependable member of Can-Fite’s consulting and virtual management team for close to a decade, during which time he has provided excellent strategic guidance and operational oversight for almost 20 clinical trials encompassing >1000 subjects in 8 distinct indications. In his capacity as Medical Director, he has added lots of value to every aspect of our development programs, including clinical protocols, regulatory filings and meetings, contractor selection and management, and business development activities. We particularly appreciate his strong work ethic, reliability, proactivity, and ability to work seamlessly with any development team.” December 10, 2010

David DeLucia CEO ImmuRx

“Mike is an excellent partner. We would hire him again in a heartbeat.
He integrates science, medicine, regulatory demands and business strategy as a corporate officer should.
He is well organized and defines clear goals.
He is an intelligent, structured thinker who is also flexible and works very well with a variety of personalities.
We recommend Mike enthusiastically to develop a high level strategy for new product development and then execute the plan.  December 10, 2010

Howard LevinePresident, BioProcess Technology Consultants, Inc.

“Mike is one of the best clinical consultants I have worked with. He has successfully helped many companies navigate the intricate waters of clinical development and can always be counted on to provide the right answer. I recommend him hightly.” June 22, 2010

Mark Philip, previously CEO at Zycos

“I have worked with Mike several times, where he basically developed our clinical strategy from the ground up, helped with implementation and analysis and held our hands through the process. Mike is great to work with as he integrates into the team, provides the in depth clinical knowledge and expertise at the appropriate times and delivers a product that is first rate. I would highly recommend him for any biotech company in need of clinical advice or to run their clinical studies.” April 22, 2009

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